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Sbooster's BOTW P&P ECO MKII  upgrade power supply


Ultra MKII power supply add-on

Do you wish to enjoy all the quality of your

audio and video system

​​has to offer you?

Have your audio and video equipment perform at it's best

with the Sbooster upgrade products.   

Boost your sound and vision to the next level!

Sbooster .........

Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII overview


The quality of sound and vision of an audio and / or video system is determined by the elements that make up the system. We worry about and spend lots of money on 4K flat screens, projectors, speakers, speaker wires, spikes, amplifiers, DA / converters , streamers, power cables, etc., but the power supply is considered 'forgotten' by many audio and video enthusiasts, while the power supply determines the performance of each device.

The quality of picture and sound is influenced by the power supply: If the power is not sufficient & clean, a device can not really perform well, that is what you see and hear. Lack of power manifests itself in turmoil, a flat stereo image and a "harsh" sound. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers provide their devices with a good power supply...  Fortunately there is a solution: Our upgrade products!

Upgrade - or simply replace - the standard supplied external power supply of your audio and/or video device by one of the "Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision ECO" (BOTW P & P ECO) upgrade power supplies and the performance of your devices improves. The result is a better sound and vision.

Watch here the video of Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio about the Sbooster:

"The real deal"

​​​New features of the MKII power supply to:

improve the power flow

reduce the mechanical stress and
lower the internal impedance & resistance

  • High quality PCB:
    • Double sided 2oz. copper
    • Gold plated finish
  • Better and thicker quality heatsink
  • Upgraded internal wiring: High quality silver plated copper with PTFE insulation
  • Transformer:
    • Electrostatic shielding and 
    • HF Magnetic shielding
  • Upgraded bulk capacitors   
  • Improved reference-circuit
  • Next generation split-current unit
  • New DC-output cable with additional shielding, sleeve and gold plated connector pins
  • Custom-made DC-plugs

Sbooster, enjoy more music......... 

Check out here the video-review by audio-evangelist Hans Beekhuyzen

Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award​​

Video review by Hans Beekhuyzen on the SOtM sMS-200

​powered by  Sbooster.........​​

Suitable are the BOTW P&P ECO 9-10V and the BOTW P&P ECO 12-13.2V.

Video review by Hans Beekhuyzen on the Sonore microRendu 

powered by Sbooster.........​​

​Hans Beekhuyzen said this on his YouTube channel, "The shockingly good Sonore microRendu networked audio adapter is versatile and extremely good sounding.", but he made clear the power supply is very important for the performance of the microRendu. The power supply Hans used for his review is our BOTW P&P ECO 5-6V.

Sbooster, enjoy more music.........