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Sbooster: The philosophy


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On this page we inform you about the philosophy behind the Sbooster, the development of the Sbooster and what the Sbooster is not.


We start with the last note: what is the Sbooster not.

If you are familiar with power supply technology, your first impression could be that the Sbooster is a passive filter built in a nice looking enclosure.


The Sbooster is designed as a one size fits all audio-upgrade for switch-mode and linear regulated power supplies. What is the added value of a passive filter, when you use it for a high quality regulated linear power supply and the filter is calculated and designed for high frequency ripple rejection……..? Exactly nothing! Therefore the Sbooster is not a passive filter.


The philosophy behind the Sbooster

We will start by giving you some common facts on audio upgrades for mid-priced audio (streaming) devices in general and give you our opinion and solution on these facts.


1)    A  wall wart switch-mode adapter is not suitable for high-end audio, true

2)    A linear regulated power supply improves the sound quality for only X%, true

3)    Ripple and noise of the power supply cause less quality in sound, false


A wall wart switch-mode adapter is not suitable for high-end audio

A low cost switch-mode power supply causes indeed bad performance of your audio device. Not only because of the ripple and noise, but the total concept and specifications of a cheap switch-mode adapter do not match audio at all.


But can a switch-mode adapter be made suitable? We are the first company that can give you a positive answer to that question in the form of a real working product: the Sbooster! All you have to do is connect the Sbooster to your switch-mode adapter and power up your audio device! With the Sbooster as an upgrade for the switch-mode adapter the match is sensational. The sound will be wider, deeper, with more air, more detail, more information, more musical, the emotion is back and the stress in the music is totally gone. The annoying digital noise will be a thing of the past forever! The Sbooster is the ideal upgrade for all audio devices with a wall wart switch-mode adapter.


Is the combination suitable for high-end audio? The answer is no! The overall sound quality of the switch-mode/Sbooster combination is very good, but to reach the High-End sound quality, you will need something extra……. We have this extra: The “Best of Two Worlds Solution”. For a real audiophile only the best solution is good enough especially when the price/quality of the improvement matches.


The “Best of Two Worlds Solution” is a High End linear power supply with the Sbooster integrated in the DC power cord.

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