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Sbooster Ultra for the Regen

Sbooster Ultra for the Regen

Sbooster Ultra special including the VbusIsolator for the UpTone audio Regen.

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Sbooster Ultra upgrade for the UpTone Audio Regen USB HUB.

The Sbooster Ultra for the UpTone Audio Regen USB Hub is our first switch-mode power supply add on based on active filter technology. Compared to the passive Sbooster Single Unit you will get with the Ultra an even greater crispness, tightness, distinctness and focus. Last but not least your Regen will run a lot cooler which has a positive influence on the overall sound quality.

Check the "Additional information" tab for a white paper with technical background information 

The Sbooster Ultra for the Regen will be delivered as a plug & play device and requires no technical knowledge. The Sbooster Ultra has to be used in combination with your stock supplied 7.5V Mean Well (switch-mode) adapter.

Alternative power supply options:

This Sbooster Ultra is suitable for an input voltage of 7.5V – 9V and can be powered by a switch-mode adapter, a BOTW P&P ECO 9V-10V, a conventional LPS, a rechargeable battery, a super capacitor solution etc. The only restriction is that the input voltage has to be DC, not AC, and does not drop below 6.75V.

White paper Sbooster Ultra upgrade for the UpTone Audio Regen

The Sbooster Ultra upgrade for the Regen is a plug & play addition to your stock supplied Mean Well switch-mode power supply (MW SMPS). The Sbooster Ultra uses active filter technology to purify the high frequent ripple and noise of the MW SMPS. Furthermore the Ultra also enhances the poor power characteristics of the MW SMPS completely in order to get the maximum sound quality out of your Regen system  powered by a switch-mode concept.

With our Sbooster Ultra we offer a high performance but still economic upgrade option for your Regen.  

The Sbooster Ultra upgrade improves following aspects of the SMPS and Regen:

1)            Reduces ripple and noise of the MW SMPS;

2)            Improves the stability of the MW SMPS;

3)            Lowers the internal power dissipation of the Regen.

Reduction of the ripple and noise of the MW SMPS

SMPS in general have a highly polluted output voltage which is called noise. The output noise of a SMPS can be as high as 1-2% of the output voltage. Next figure shows you the output noise of a MW SMPS with a load of 0.7A. The output noise is relatively low for a SMPS, but the output voltage is oscillating which is a no-go for high quality audio playback.  

In the next figure you see the output noise of the Sbooster Ultra powered by the same MW SMPS.

As you can see, the noise has dropped to a bare minimum and all the oscillation traces are gone.

Improving the stability of the MW SMPS

Noise is not the only bad habit of a SMPS, a SMPS is very unstable. Without a stable supply no audio device can perform to the max. Also an unstable SMPS leads to an unrelaxed music experience. The stability of a PSU is tested with a Load Transient Response testing device. With this device you connect and disconnect a load x times per second and measure the output current and voltage. In the next figure we show you the Load Transient Response curve of the MW SMPS. The load is connected/disconnected 1500x per second. The yellow curve is the current and the blue curve represents the output voltage measured at the DC plug. The load is 672mA which is 35% of the maximum output rating.   

The small load test results in a very high drop of the output voltage (200mV). Further you see that the blue line is crinkly, which indicates oscillation and further instability. The oscilloscope has been put on-hold for this picture. Due to the instability of the SMPS, 1500 slightly different measurements per second are generated.

In the next figure we show the Load Transient Response of the MW SMPS with the Sbooster Ultra upgrade. The load is increased to 688mA which is +/-70% of the maximum output rating of the Sbooster Ultra.    

The output voltage of the MW SMPS with Sbooster Ultra upgrade shows an excellent Load Transient Response curve. As you can see the oscilloscope is not on hold, but running. The 1500 curves per second are all the same. The output of the “SMPS” has become rock stable and the voltage drop is reduced to only 25mV measured at the DC-plug. There is no low-mid priced external power supply on the market that will generate this fast response and low voltage drop.

Lowering the internal power dissipation of the Regen

The internal power regulators of the Regen are running hotter than in our opinion is necessary. Small surface mount (SMD) low drop & low noise regulators generate in general more output noise and become less stable when the temperature goes up. Lowering the temperature of the internal regulators with the Sbooster Ultra has a positive effect on the temperature rise of all internal components and therefor lead to an increase of performance.

Stock situation (worse case)

With the stock supplied 7.5V MW SMPS the regulator of the 5V USB rail has to dissipate 500mA (Max USB current) x 2.5 (7.5V-/-5V) = 1.25W. The 1.25W has to be dissipated by the PCB and will results in a temperature rise of X degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Sbooster Ultra situation

The Sbooster Ultra is active and the unit converts the noise and additional bad habits of the MW SMPS into heat. The heat that is converted by the Sbooster Ultra doesn’t have to be dissipated by the Regen anymore. So the total amount of 1.25W doesn’t change, but with the Sbooster Ultra upgrade this 1.25W is split in 55% for the Sbooster Ultra and only 45% for the Regen. So the Regen has to dissipate only 0,56W instead of 1.25W. Our Ultra is equipped with a heatsink and has no problem with the 0.69W. The Sbooster Ultra upgrade keeps the Regen cool and the sound hot!

Sbooster, enjoy more music………..

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