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Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator

Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator

After the huge success of the Sbooster Vbus isolator, Sbooster introduces now a new highly improved Vbus2:

  • Aluminium Enclosure
  • Full gold plated USB 2.0 connectors
  • Shielded
  • SMT technology

The Sbooster Vbus Isolator disconnects the Vbus power from the USB-port and prevents:

  • polluted Vbus power to enter your self-powered USB DAC
  • radiation of noise into the data.

If your DAC does not need the PC or streamer-power to operate, then make sure to disconnect it. Be keen and keep your data clean!

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The Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator is a "no-brainer" tweak to upgrade your self-powered USB-DAC.

Vbus2 Isolator

The Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator is the perfect addition to USB-tweaks like the UpTone Audio Regen. The Vbus2 also improves the USB-chain when you have upgraded your DAC or SPDIF convertor with USB B power supply solutions like the Sbooster BOTWS USB B or the AQVOX USB PSU.

The Vbus isolator disables the polluted power from the host PC/streamer, therefor it only works with USB audio devices, that do not need power from the host PC or streamer to operate.

The Vbus2 is not compatible with following USB tweaks:
- Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB reclocker
- Intona High Speed USB Isolator

Sbooster VbusIsolator compatibility list:

Sbooster Vbus2 vs Vbus comparison chart:

Sbooster, enjoy more music.............


Reviews (7)
Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator
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I just plugged in the vbus2 with the uptone regen and wow the effects are dramatic! With just the regen itself the clarity increased and noise floor lowered, but with the addition of the vbus vocals are fuller, more natural, and the soundstage just explodes. I'm amazed that the vbus is capable of eliminating the noise and more importantly improving the music by this much, great work!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

I bought Mark I and now purchased the Vbus2 Isolator. Compared to Mark I, the new unit sounds more quiet and appears to be thicker sounding. Not sure about the resolution as it may not be "fully boiled" yet. I connect to SOtM's USB to s/pdif converter through a Nordost Heimdall2 USB, passing through this Vbus2 Isolator.

Again I have to say that this/Mark I is the best price/performance upgrade, given its main purpose is to stop the interference of the power strand to signal strands.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]


Just got delivery of this updated Vbus isolator mk 2. I also have the first version so I can compare the two. I am using it with uptone regen to a Didit 212 Dac wich I can confirm does not need the 5 v vbus.
So how does this upgraded isolator sounds. I am chocked, It is actually much better than the first version.
Thank you for a very affordable product. It really is a nobrainer for getting the most out of computeraudio.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Nonetheless, the Isolator, IMHO, is the best buy for the year. The sonic differences between USB cables by different brands have vastly narrowed followed the use of the Isolator. Surely the sound from a pure silver USB cable versus a pure copper cable remains. However, the noise, the veil and the associated disturbance associated with the 5V strand has diminished significantly. What I try to say is, as the main "innovations" of better sounding USB cables (such as Acoustic Revive, Light Harmonic, or Wireworld Platinum) are to separate or minimise the impact of the Vbus on the two signal strands, the differences of various cables have decreased due to the elimination of the Vbus. Surely a WW will still sound different than an AQ Diamond, or a Kingrex or a JCAT but the "benefits" of separating or shielding the Vbus has diminished. The remaining differences may be due to 1) material used 2) shielding 3) Dielectric 4) way of stranding the cables.

Anyway, an excellent value-added product than keeping on buying top-end USB cables.


Mr. Kwan.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Just bought and connected to my ThinkPad T430. Soundwise is less congestion, more clarity, crispier highs and a more natural mid-vocals...coupled with a quieter background and more layers of soundstage.

That said, there seems to be a little harsh throughout the whole frequency range, due possibly to not burning in. Nonetheless,

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

I had a lot of trouble with noise and static electricity, that was emitted from my Mac's USB port into the USB cable (no matter what brand). Touching my DAC gave me electric shocks and my music distorted after about 30 minutes. In the end my DAC broke and had to be repaired. After that first I solved this with an Uptone Audio REGEN. However, now this device got all of the noise and pollution.

The SBooster Vbus USB Isolator disconnects the 5v wires in the USB socket. GREAT! No more pollution and static electricity. And for the sound quality: voices have no 'phase shifting' anymore. They sound so natural... the speakers have dissappeared.

So, for short: save youtself a lot of trouble and improve your sound quality for a few bucks!

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
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