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The Ear: how to... Sbooster BOTW P&P Eco PSU upgrade

by Jason Kennedy, June 2017 

"The power supply is the heart of any audio component, it pumps electrons rather than blood but without it amplification and processing can’t happen. One of the biggest differences between components is the quality of the power supply, certain companies make a very good living by offering power supply upgrades that bring sound quality benefits to their products. Other companies, usually those trying to keep costs under control use relatively basic power supplies and many of these are switching types. If your wall-wart supply doesn’t weigh much you can be sure it’s switcher, and while perfectly capable of delivering the required voltage to a device they also produce high frequency noise that gets overlaid on the AC and undermines not only the potential of the device that they supply but also everything else in the system too, because the noise goes back into the AC network. By replacing these supplies with a linear alternative you not only improve the chances of the powered component but of the whole system."

"For certain components the BOTW P&P Eco can be augmented with an SBooster Ultra which provides extra filtering and is designed to remove any residual noise that gets past the BOTW device. I added it in between the supply and the Aries and found it tightened up the focus, cleaning the highs a little more and delivering a slightly leaner more precise sound. This apparently also needs more burn-in but going back to the regular supply from the BOTW and Ultra combo is shocking enough already, it really sounds blurred and crude by comparison

The SBooster strikes me as a good value upgrade to any switch mode DC power supplied component you have in the system, it really does provide the ‘best of two worlds’ by delivering clean current to the hardware and not polluting the mains with high frequency noise. If you are really keen to get the best from a streaming system it would be worth putting these on the router and NAS drive, such things have the most basic supplies and replacing them with something cleaner is quite a major upgrade if you have a high resolution system. One of the main differences between an audiophile server and a NAS drive is the quality of power supply so it’s not such an extravagance if you’re aiming high. The SBooster BOTW P&P Eco is a useful weapon in the armoury against noise in the modern hi-fi system, one which lets you hear a lot more of the music and a lot less of the grunge."

Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO review in the Standard Candle  "Getting the measure of the Universe"

by Andrew Harrison, april 2017


"Clean power is the lifeblood of good audio reproduction."

"In 100 words or less

The Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO is a well-made and versatile unit that brings instant dividends to a system using commodity power plugs. With both D-A convertors I tried, it tamed the sound conspicuously, taking out some of the ‘digital’ glare that even the best DACs for the money will still show. It can also serve good duty as a power supply of ancillary non-hi-fi components, with subtle improvements in system sound available by nipping the source of external RFI in the bud."

Positive Feedback November 2016 review on the Lumïn D1 in combination with the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 12-13.2V:

"With the Sbooster doing the driving, instruments
and voices gained in solidity and threedimensionality.
Soundstage depth cues improved
markedly, as did my ability to discern the
placement of instruments and voices within the
recorded stage. This newfound solidity had the net
effect of heightening the sense of overall musical
realism and involvement


"... the littlest Lumin comes very highly
recommended, especially when paired with the
affordable Sbooster PSU upgrade. They are my
new digital reference components!

Positive Feedback Writers' Choice

A very nice review of our 15-16V BOTW P&P ECO power supply has been published in the 2016 June edition of HI-FI Choice Magazine (p. 111 Choice EXTRAS). The power supply was tested on an Alpha Design Labs GT40a USB.

Quote: “… making this a worthy upgrade for many externally powered audio devices.”


 TEST: Mytek Brooklyn mit SBooster BOTW


Der Brooklyn überzeugt nicht nur als D/A-Wandler. Man sollte seinen hervorragenden Kopfhörerverstärker und seine Fähigkeiten als Vorstufe keinesfalls unterschätzen. Selbst wenn die Phonostufe über Mittelmaß nicht hinauskommt, ändert das nichts am schon sensationellen Preis/Klang-Verhältnis des Mytek. Darüber hinaus lässt sich der Brooklyn mit einen SBooster-Netzteil und einer USB-Bridge von Bryston oder Audiobyte noch in deutlich höhere Sphären treiben. Ein Glücksfall!

 TEST:Auralic Aries Mini, SBooster BOTW und Tidal Streaming


Der Auralic Aries Mini ist der ideale Einstieg ins Streaming. Der Wandler mit Sabre-9018-Chip klingt wirklich überzeugend, die Inbetriebnahme und Bedienung ist dank Lightning DS geradezu vorbildlich einfach, und mit dem SBooster BOTW P&P Eco inklusive SBooster Ultra macht der Mini auch in High-End-Ketten eine hervorragende Figur. Das alles für 500 respektive 800 Euro: verboten gut, verboten günstig!

Positive-FeedbackDave Clark's review of the Auralic Aries and our 15-16V BOTW P&P ECO

A small quote:

"Well compared to what I hear with the Aries via its own power supply, the SBooster really BOOSTS things in a very, very good way. Yeah, this thing works. The hype is legit."

Thanks Dave!

Post 76 Our second review in Chinese! Check it out here.

feverSound Chinese review Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 9-10V

Our first Chinese review! From our Hong Kong/China distributor, Hong Zheng Electronics (HK) Company, we received this conclusion of the review in English:

Sbooster makes you feel safe with many safety marks clearly shown on its back. The price is competitive. But it’s definitely worth the price with all the exquisite component parts inside. In comparison with the typical linear power supply, the most unique features and the strengths of Sbooster are “dynamic” and “highs and lows extension” in its sound. It makes a big difference and you will know it immediately when you hear it!

Review Sbooster BOTW ECO voedingen

Alpha Audio has tested BOTW P&P ECO power supplies on the Auralic Aries Femto music streamer, Musical Fidelity MX DACSony PHA-3AC dac/head phone amp and a Netgear switch

Conclusie (translated):

The Sbooster is an excellent upgrade for many d/a-converter, streamer or perheps a laptop, nuc or a small pre-amp . The possibilities are legion. And that for a very interesting price:: 250 euro. Many cables are a more expensive!

Read here on the Facebook page of art's excellence the conclusion of their tests of the Arcam irDAC and  the Chord 2Qute with our 12-13.2V BOTW P&P ECO and 12V Sbooster Ultra. 


“The benefits of better and more stable power supplies for hi-fi equipment have been known to me for many years, also from experience with my own set. My Salisbury-built British amplifier really sounded better when I connected a regulated power supply to it, and my Squeezebox streamers also benefited audibly from the first generation Sbooster BoTWS power supplies. And even for all that, I was not prepared for the sonic improvement that was delivered by a new generation Sbooster power supply at a recent listening session.

When connected to the Arcam irDAC the new Sbooster gave a remarkable increase in low-frequency transparency, the spatial image was quite a bit larger and the reproduction of small details went to a higher level of sophistication. When we connected it to the Chord 2Qute DAC the improvement was even greater. Again, the increased resolution in the lower frequencies was striking, but what really baffled me was the improvement in timing, quietness, smoothness and spatial imaging. The Sbooster Ultra filter (that is sold separately because it can not be used with every piece of hifi gear) gave an additional refinement that sounded almost 'analog' to my ears.

The ratio between the relatively small extra cost and the improvement you get is quite spectacular, and this product deserves my warmest recommendation.”

Read here the recently released full article of Max Delissen.

Alpha-Audio ReviewsReview van de Musical Fidelity MX-Dac met een 5V-6V BOTW P&P ECO


De MX-DAC schiet met scherp en zeker in de juiste opstelling - dus met Sbooster voeding - speelt hij de sterren van de hemel. U moet dat extraatje er helaas wel bij aanschaffen. Maar dat maakt de belevenis er niet minder om.

Met de DSD ondersteuning is het een goede investering. Zeker als je in deze prijsklasse naar de alternatieven kijken. De MX-DAC is zonder twijfel een heel mooie, verantwoorde, muzikale toevoeging voor je systeem.


HifiStatement Review Test: Auralic Aries und SBooster BOTW P&P eco


Der Auralic Aries gefällt uneingeschränkt, musikalisch wie auch von seinen Anschlussmöglichkeiten. Gegenüber meiner Computer-Alternative machte der Streamer klanglich die bessere Figur. Richtig aufgeblüht und noch näher an der Wahrheit spielt er mit dem Netzteil-Set von SBooster. Gemeinsam bilden sie eine überzeugende Einheit zu der noch der optimale DA-Wandler kombiniert werden darf.

Reviews BOTWS-products


Novo-Musica review

Einsnull magazine oktober 2010

Sbooster, enjoy more music.............


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