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Sbooster presents a revolutionary USB upgrade product at CES 2017


Sbooster starts a USB-revolution in audio at CES 2017


At CES 2017 Sbooster will demonstrate a new USB tweak, the Vbus3 Power Isolator. After the success of Sbooster’s Vbus2 Isolator, Sbooster was asked to find a solution to solve USB-related ground loop issues in audio systems. Wiebren Draaijer, the developer at Sbooster, designed and implemented his new solution.


The Vbus3 Power Isolator is the first product on the market, which:

  1. Disconnects Vbus power
  2. Absolutely kills the USB ground loop
  3. Maintains full signal integrity


The Vbus3 Power Isolator consists of two items. The first item is a USB ground loop checker, the Sbooster Loop. The Loop has two functions: 1) to check if there is a ground loop before the Vbus3 is installed and 2) most important: to check if the ground loop is killed after the installation of the Vbus3. If yes, then audio devices used and the Vbus3 product are compatible. The Loop is then removed to keep the USB chain as pure as possible. Therefore, no LEDs or other disturbing features can interfere with and/or degrade audio data.


The new Vbus3 Power Isolator product program is:

  1. A single unit
  2. Integrated in a custom-made USB cable
  3. Integrated in a custom-made USB-cable with 5V external power injector


Product demonstration is in the Venetian room 30-315.


Sbooster is represented in the U.S. by Mark and Karen Gurvey , Source Systems Ltd., San Clemente, CA. ( contact: (949) 369-7729 or by mail to: sourcesystems@cox.net ).


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Vbus3 USB ground loop scheme