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We have designed and built this Triple Output power supply for 432 EVO Master. 

The features of the Triple Output power supply are:

  • 3 power supplies in one, but with individual power rails (choice options are: 5V/3A, 9V/2.25A or 12V/3A).
  • The PCBs are double sided with 2oz copper thickness and gold plated finish.
  • The design has a soft on/off power circuit, which is controlled by the front panel button.
  • The reference shunt circuit has been improved including better resistors with a tolerance of 0,05%.
  • The bulk capacity has been increased, and the ESR value of the capacitors has been lowered.
  • The transformers have electrostatic shielding, low & high frequency magnetic shielding and an extra outer layer of 5mm anti-magnetic steel.
  • The internal wiring is Teflon insulated with high quality silver plated copper conductors.
  • The DC output cables are handmade and feature a twisted pair teflon insulated cables with a high quality sleeve for a high-end finish.
  • The DC cables can be color coded to differentiate between outputs.
  • 4 pin XLR's, therefor the back panel outputs of the PSU cannot be accidentally be confused with regular XLR interlink cabling and the pin layout of the back panel connectors also avoids accidentally swapping between voltages.
  • Connectors are all Neutrik with gold plated contact pins.   
  • The split-current unit at the end of the cable has a fixed gold plated DC plug.

The enclosure is a Streacom ST-FC5B-ALPHA with custom-made back panel provided by the customer. This can also be arranged by us. Further, the customer can supply its own enclosure design, but the size of the enclosure and design of the back panel is upon our approval.

Triple Output PSU for 432 EVO Master

Triple Output PSU - Mains Filter
Triple Output PSU Mains Filter

Triple Output PSU - PSU PCB
Triple Output PSU - PSU PCB

Triple Output PSU - Split-current units
Triple Output PSU - Split-current units

Triple Output PSU - complete
Triple Output PSU

Triple Output PSU - Handmade Cables
Triple Output PSU - Handmade shielded cables