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In March 2016 we had a meeting with a high-end speaker builder and reseller for Mytek in Belgium to test the power consumption of the Mytek Brooklyn DAC and the sound quality improvement of the Mytek DAC when powered by our BOTW P&P ECO 12V – 13.2V.

The original set-up was a system with an estimated price of +125K. The music source was a 4K CAS system with SoTM USB card. The power supply was a 4-output 160W power supply, which was powering (output 1) the motherboard of the CAS, (output 2) the SoTM USB card and (output 3) the Mytek Brooklyn DAC.

Test track original set-up
First we started with a 24/192 track played with the 4-output power supply. The sound of the speakers was nice, but the voices had sharp edges, the music was noisy, lacked detail and the sound stage was flat and in our opinion not correct.

Power consumption test
Next we have tested the power consumption of the Brooklyn, see picture.

Sbooster iKnow check on Mytek Brooklyn DAC

For this test we use our Sbooster iKnow (red LCD) device. We have checked the power consumption for 10 – 15 minutes. The power consumption of the Mytek Brooklyn is 10 - 12W (44.1 – DSD) without headphone usage.

Based on these power figures we can conclude that our BOTW P&P ECO 12V – 13.2V fits the Mytek Brooklyn DAC including headphone usage. The additional 12V Sbooster Ultra is not suitable for the Brooklyn.

Sound check BOTW P&P ECO
The advantage of a high-end audio system is that you only need a couple of seconds to notice positive or negative power supply related issues. After the first notes we could immediately hear the sound improvement caused by the BOTW P&P ECO 12V – 13.2V compared to the multi-output power supply. The background noise was completely gone, no sharp edges anymore, the details and emotion where back in the music and the sound stage was as it should be.

The Mytek reseller was obviously impressed about the huge sound quality improvements caused by our BOTW P&P ECO and decided to keep our power supply.

A part of the sound related issues were caused by using a PSU with multiple outputs and the related ground current*. In addition, in our opinion, the used 4-output 160W power supply does not match the power demands of the Mytek Brooklyn. For high res music playback you need a power supply that is capable of supplying ultrafast and uninterrupted current. Especially in digital audio it is crucial that a power supply can handle peak-loads without any delay.

Conventional power supplies and especially (car) batteries are lacking this fastness. The advice of Mytek to use PSU’s with 10 – 14A output current or 1K Amp car batteries is not correct. This advice is probably based on a persistent misconception on how power supplies work. As (shortly) explained in our post on the Australian Stereonet conventional high current PSUs and batteries are too slow to handle peak-loads immediately and should therefore not be recommended for digital audio devices.

Sbooster, enjoy more music.............