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SBooster at the High End Show in Munich 2015


This year we had the opportunity to exhibit our new upgrade power supplies on the High End Show in Munich at two locations. In Hall 4, we were represented by our German distributor Digital Highend / Higoto, where our new BOTW P&P ECO upgrades were demonstrated on a SotM headphone amplifier and a SotM streamer. In Hall 1 ENIGMAcoutics offered us a listening room. ENIGMAcoustics presented in front of the listening room their new sublime Dharma D1000 headphones and matching Athena headphone amplifiers.


ENIGMAcoustics Extend to the Sky


The cooperation with ENIGMAcoustics was for us a very successful "last minute" action. We are grateful for the opportunity ENIGMAcoustics has given us. Many thanks to Wei Chang, Shiny Chang and Randy Patton.


Our music system consisted of ENIGMAcoustics’ fantastic Mythology M1 speakers with the beautiful and superb Sopranino's super tweeters, our NAD M2 amplifier, an Auralic Aries (femto clock version) and a QNAP server. We also had connected an old Squeezebox Touch. We had upgraded the Auralic Aries and Squeezebox Touch with our new BOTW P&P ECO and SBooster Ultra upgrade. The power to the QNAP was provided by our BOTW P&P ECO 12V-13.2V. In order to optimize the network, we used a D-link switch. The router and switch were – of course – linear powered by our old BOTWS series.


Compared to the listening rooms in the Atrium we had a very humble system running. Many visitors – however - were pleasantly surprised and impressed by the sound quality.



Similarly impressed were the gentlemen of the Dutch Daudio dipole design audio. At their listening room they also streamed their music with Auralic Aries Femto, but with the standard linear power supply of Auralic. Their back-up system was a Squeezebox Touch with a conventional linear power supply. On their own system, they could clearly hear the sound quality difference between the Auralic Aries and Squeezebox Touch. At our booth they could hear practically no difference between the two devices due to the upgrade power supplies.


Daudio therefore wanted to hear the sound improvement of the Aries with our BOTW P&P ECO and SBooster Ultra compared to Auralic’s standard linear power supply on their own system. The sound improvement was so obvious, that during the remaining days in Munich Daudio demonstrated the Aries with our BOTW P&P ECO and SBooster Ultra upgrade. They could not have given us a greater compliment!



Although a large number of the press was lured to our booth because of the Sopraninos, the Dharma and the Athena of ENIGMAcoustics, our upgrades did not go unnoticed. Appointments are made for reviews as soon as the upgrades enter the market.


Only one blogger from Taiwan, Mr. Jerry Poo, did not have the patient to wait for this. He wanted to hear the potential of the upgrade power supplies immediately in Munich. So one of our 12V BOTW P&P ECO power got "ripped" from another audio device and we "ran" after the "rapid” Jerry to the listening room of COIN AUDIO from Taiwan. Some quick words were exchanged and in a second our upgrade power supply was attached to the Silent Angel Zero MKII Audiophile grade CAS. The sound improvement was overwhelming. After the demo we had a little difficulty in getting back our power supply form Jerry….!


For us it had been a couple of successful days. We are looking forward to our next audio show!