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The 15V - 16V BOTW P&P ECO is the upgrade solution for all your audio devices, that run on 15 or 16 Volt. Check our compatibility list or in the left column under "select a brand" for your audio brand and device.

Is your device not listed, please send us a message via the contact form or send an email to info@sbooster.com. We look forward to check the upgrade possibilities for your audio device.

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Compatibility list BOTW P&P ECO 15-16V:

Brand Model Voltage Optional
Alpha Design Labs Furutech Esprit DAC 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Alpha Design Labs GT40α USB DAC  15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Alpha Design Labs Stratos DAC 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Auralic Aries LE/Femto 15V/16V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Auralic Mini 15V/16V Sbooster Ultra 15.4V
Beresford TC-7520SEG/ Caiman+ 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Beresford TC-7534 Caiman Mark II 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Beresford CAIMAN SEG TC-7535  15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Denon DA-300USB 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Exogal  Comet DAC 15V -
FiiO QOGIR-E09K 15V -
iFi Audio micro – iPhono2 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
iFi Audio micro - iCAN SE 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Linnenberg-audio VIVACE 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
M2TECH Marley 15V -
M2TECH Joplin / Joplin-MK2 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
M2TECH Young / Young DSD 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Martin Logan  ElectroMotion ESL/ ESL X 15V -
Martin Logan  ESL 9 Classic 15V -
Martin Logan  Theos 15V -
Nuforce Icon HD/ Icon HDP 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions ADI-2/ ADI-4 DD 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions ADI-2 PRO 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions Fireface UC/ Fireface UCX 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions QuadMic II 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
RME - Audio Solutions Multiface II 15V -
Topping     D20 DAC / D3 DAC 15V -
Topping     D3 DAC 15V -
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