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The BOTW P&P ECO 12-13V is the upgrade solution for all your audio devices, that run on 12V, 13V or 13.5V. Check our compatibility list or in the left column under "select a brand" for your audio brand and device.

Is your device not listed, please send us a message via the contact form or send an email to info@sbooster.com. We look forward to check the upgrade possibilities for your audio device.

Check our Benelux and International reseller page for the best price and/or a reseller near to you:

Benelux resellers

International resellers

Brand Model Voltage Optional
AMI Muse AMI MUSIK DDH-1 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Antipodes Audio DS Base / DS GT / DS EDGE 12V -
Arcam airDAC - Airplay & UPnP DAC 12V -
Arcam rHead 12V -
Arcam irDAC/ irDAC II 12V -
Audinst HUD-DX1 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Audinst HUD-MX1/ HUD-MX2  12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
B.M.C. Audio PureMedia 12V -
Bel Canto DAC1.5 12V -
Bel Canto CD2 CD player 24/96  12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Bel Canto FM1 FM Tuner 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Beresford TC-7110 Capella Headphone Amp. 12V -
Beresford TC-7530DC/ TC-7533DC DAC 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Bluesound VAULT I 12V -
Bryston  BDP-π 12V -
Cambridge Audio DacMagic PLUS/100/iD100 Dock 12V -
Chord Chordette DUAL 12V -
Chord Chordette Gem DAC 12V -
Chord Prime stereo preamplifier 12V -
Chord TX headphone amplifier 12V -
Chord 2Qute DAC 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Chord Chordette QuteHD/ EX DSD DAC 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Chord INDEX Network Music player 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Computer Audiophile  v3 Carbon/Lagoon/Topanga 12V -
Dangerous Music Source 12V -
Digibit Aria mini/ Piccolo 12V -
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core 12V -
Dynavector P75 Mk.III 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Elac  Discovery Music Server 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 5 12V -
Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh 12V -
exaSound Audio Design   e22 DSD256 DAC / Playpoint 12V -
exaSound Audio Design   e28 DSD256 multi-channel DAC 12V -
exaSound Audio Design   e12 DAC & e20 DAC Mk III 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
HFX Solid E4 / V4 12V -
JAVS X-DCC Reserve/ plus+ 12V -
Lead Audio LA 100/ LA 120 A/B 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
LH Labs Geek Pulse/ Pulse X/ Xfi 12V -
Lumin D1/ L1 12V -
Lynx Studio Technology Hilo Reference  12V -
M2TECH Evo Clock Two 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
M2TECH Evo DAC Two / Plus 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
M2TECH Hiface Evo Two 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Magic TV  MTV1000/ 3300D/ 3800D/ 8000D 12V -
Meridian Audio Media Core 200 12V -
Meridian Audio Meridian Prime 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Meridian Audio Audio Core 200 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP 2x8/8x8 (kit) 12V -
MiniDSP DDRC-24 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
MiniDSP DDRC-88A 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP (Kit) 2x4 5V - 24V DC 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP 4x10/10x10 Hd 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP Balanced (Kit) 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Moon 180 MiND Music Streamer 12V -
Music Hall Dac15.2 12V -
Musical Fidelity V-CAN/ V-CAN II 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity V90-DAC/ V90-BLU/V-DAC/ V-DAC II 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity V90-BHA/ V90-HPA 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity V90-LPS 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Surroundings MYDAC II  12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC 12V -
Naim Audio UnitiServe  12V -
Pathos Acoustics SRL Aurium 12V -
Ratoc Audio Lab RAL-DSDHA1  12V -
RME - Audio Solutions Babyface (+USB isolator!) 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
RME - Audio Solutions MADIface XT/ MADIface Pro 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
RME - Audio Solutions ADI-2 PRO* 12V* -
Rotel RDD-06 12V -
Rupert Neve 5017/5032/5033/5043 12V -
Russ Andrews Clarity Pro  12V -
SOtM SOtM sMS-200 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Stax SRM-212/ SRM-252S 12V -
Toany High Fidelity TD-192/ TD-384SE 12V -
URBAN HIFI microZOTL2.0 headphone amp. 12V -
Waversa Systems W Mini NAS / DAC 12V -

* BOTW P&P ECO (MKII) 15-16 recommended

Music PC’s and music servers

The BOTW P&P ECO power supply can be used as an upgrade for PC based systems that have a processor with a TDP of max 28W. There are over 200 Intel processors on the market that meet this requirement,  see Intel 

The BOTW P&P ECO 12V – 13.2V has a maximum continuous output rating of 36W. Please use following guidelines to determine the power consumption of your system.

Power consumption parts      

Processor  TDP = power 


3.5" HDD            


2.5" HDD             


2.5" SSD               


Msata SSD           


Sound card        


DVD player


USB device        


The sum of all components together may not exceed 36W.

NAS systems

The BOTW P&P ECO 12V - 13.2V power supply is suitable as an upgrade for a wide variety of single and dual bay NAS systems. Please note that the BOTW P&P ECO is stock supplied with standard type DC plugs. If your NAS system has a  special connector, please contact us first for the compatibility.

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